PhysicsCon 2024

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Saturday June 1, 2024
Cal State Long Beach
9 AM - 3 PM

PhysicsCon is a low-cost / free, kid friendly, semi-academic
conference and demo show that celebrates physics
* Tickets are optional and support our conference. Pick your favorite!

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Invited Speakers

"Welcome Address: Physics is for Everyone"

- Paul G. Hewitt (Conceptual Physics)

"Working for Veritasium"

- James Lincoln

"A Lost Feynman Story"

- Richard Feynman (recording)

"The Other Oppenheimer Movie"

- Dwight Schultz (TNG)

"Cosmic Redshift… But No Big Bang!
Welcome To Sub-Quantum Mechanics"

- Arnie Benn

"Top 10 Demonstrations of Impossible Physics"

- Various Presenters

"100 Years of Wavicles: live demos"

- Louis de Broglie (papers of)

"A New View of the Universe"

- James Web Space Telescope (NASA)

"History of the Physics of Music: Galileo & The Lute"

- Frank Thurmond (LIVE PERFORMANCE)

"The Earth is NOT FLAT and I can prove it!"

- John Mallinckrodt